ecopixel audio

ECOPIXEL recently developed a new range of materials based on a multiple-layer concept. With multiple layer materials, it is possible to create a single material that deliberately builds up in different layers. Different layers with different densities or even different structural qualities can be combined. Among many possibilities, it was possible to deliberately create a sound-absorbing material in one and the same material* (therefor a truly circular material). Due to a softer roughly shaped inner layer and a higher densified “stiffer” outer layer, this new material was created resulting in a high sound-absorbing capacity. The ECOPIXEL “audio” material showed to be ideal for loudspeaker enclosures especially since ECOPIXEL can be shaped in any design, often including all detailing needed to meet all acoustical requests. Together with Sound Engineer Joseph Szall, Italo/Hungarian specialist, the ECOPIXEL “AUDIO” material was tested on loudspeaker enclosures resulting truly interesting research leading to a spherical-speaker project