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EYE Speaker

EYE Speaker

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ECOPIXEL Bluetooth speaker “EYE” D30-1


Unlike most wireless speaker systems EYE is played in a mono application directly from any Bluetooth device. EYE does not have a battery and needs to be plugged in when playing. EYE was developed to meet the highest sound expectations of the listener that wants to directly connect Bluetooth device to sound in the simplest way. Apart from an on/off switch, all interface will come from the Bluetooth device. 

EYE D30-1 standard equipped with integrated Bluetooth 50 watts amplifier / optionally available in 120 watts RMS passive version with 24kts gold connectors.

The price includes a spike disk. Holder


ECOPIXEL is a mono-polymer recycled/regenerated thermoplastic. Derived from pre-consumer waste material. It comes in 3D moulded/shaped products (which request specific tooling) ànd/or sheets of various thickness and size. ECOPIXEL is a 100% Italian Production.ECOPIXEL comes in a range of colors and pixelated effects. Following availability of wastematerials in both color ànd typology. Due to specific production technique ECOPIXEL appears to be pixelated. Sometimes, in certain areas, due to material qualities and mixture of different atches of waste-streams colorwaves may exist.

Care information

ECOPIXEL PRODUCTS are made of recycled PE

Each ECOPIXEL PRODUCT has been checked on its perfect conditions before leaving our establishment. ECOPIXEL is packed in export-quality packaging. We did everything to make a perfect product, with a perfect protection. During normal use, ECOPIXEL does not scratch, but due to the low hardness coefficient of PE, ECOPIXEL can however not be guarantied against small scratches that can be repaired with a hairdryer (moving the hot air over the scratch), nor when appear during use, nor those present at purchase.

ECOPIXEL is a soft material (has a hardness of"D/41-50 shore") and might be slightly deformable when a weight exceeding 120 kg is supported and stressed.

The maximum temperature of ECOPIXEL is 40 a 45°

NEVER put in contact mentioned products:
Dichloromethane, fluorine, perchloroethylene,trichloroethylene, acetone, gasoline, benzol, ethylene, ozone, toluol. For normal cleaning please use normal water, even without soap. After cleaning one can dry with a soft towel. NEVER use rough cloth or else in order to avoid scratching.

ECOPIXEL is 100% recyclable and can be put with the empty plastic bottles after its lifecycle.

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